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Japanese coffee siphon

Embark on a journey of coffee enchantment with our exquisite Japanese Siphon Coffee Maker. This captivating coffee brewing method, also known as vacuum pot or syphon brewing, combines science and art to create an extraordinary cup of coffee. Let's delve into the remarkable features of our Japanese Siphon Coffee Maker:

  1. Timeless Vacuum Brewing: The Japanese Siphon Coffee Maker uses the vacuum brewing technique, where water is drawn into the upper chamber through vapor pressure, mixing with coffee grounds and then pulled back into the lower chamber through a cloth or metal filter. This process results in a delicately balanced and aromatic coffee.

  2. Premium Glass and Metal Construction: Crafted with precision, our coffee maker features high-quality heat-resistant glass chambers and metal components, ensuring durability and a stunning appearance.

  3. Spirit Lamp Heat Source: The coffee maker is equipped with a spirit lamp heat source, allowing you to control the brewing temperature with precision. This ensures optimal coffee extraction for a consistently delightful brew.

  4. Cloth or Metal Filters: Tailor your coffee to perfection with a choice of cloth or metal filters. The cloth filter produces a clean and smooth coffee, while the metal filter retains more of the coffee's natural oils, creating a fuller-bodied cup.

  5. Artistic Design: The Japanese Siphon Coffee Maker is a masterpiece of elegance and simplicity. Its mesmerizing brewing process, where water gracefully rises and falls, adds a touch of theatre to your coffee ritual.

  6. Sensory Pleasure: Brewing coffee with the Japanese Siphon Coffee Maker is a sensory delight. The aromatic aroma fills the air, captivating your senses as you eagerly await the moment to indulge in the exquisite flavors.

  7. Ideal for Coffee Connoisseurs: If you appreciate the intricacies of coffee flavors and enjoy the artistry of brewing, this coffee maker is the perfect addition to your collection.

  8. Easy to Use and Clean: Despite its sophisticated appearance, our Japanese Siphon Coffee Maker is user-friendly. Its straightforward setup and disassembly make the brewing process enjoyable and cleaning hassle-free.

  9. Thoughtful Gift: Surprise a coffee enthusiast with our Japanese Siphon Coffee Maker. It's a thoughtful and memorable gift for anyone who cherishes the art of brewing exceptional coffee.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of coffee brewing with the Japanese Siphon Coffee Maker. Elevate your coffee ritual and experience the captivating balance of science and art in every cup. Order your Japanese Siphon Coffee Maker today and savor the magic of extraordinary coffee craftsmanship.

Product material:
Material: Glass

Style: Classic
Packing specification: Suit
Color: black handle for 3 people
Coffee machine principle: Siphon type



Specialty grade, single origin, and hand-picked at peak ripeness for the highest quality.


And always roasted to your preference. Maximum freshness, maximum flavor.

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