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Make Your Coffee Less Acidic

        Make your coffee less acidic 

           Make your coffee less acidic


Coffee has acidic properties because it contains acid, which is usual for some people but not reasonable or causing health issues in others. Some of the coffee acids are a source of flavor and are responsible for giving a good taste. While some other coffee acids are causing nasty sensations and heartburn in some cases. So if you don't like the sour flavor of the coffee or if the coffee is causing health issues, don't worry. Here we provide you the best solution, which indeed makes your coffee less acidic. Here we give a detailed overview of the reasons and effects of the coffee activity. Moreover, we also give you the best suggestions and solutions to overcome or reduce the acidity in coffee.


Coffee acidity-friend or foe?


Coffee is prepared by adding 85 different categories of ingredients or elements. These all dietary elements are responsible for creating unique taste and aroma. Some people think that the sourness in coffee is due to its acidic components. Here we clear you sourness and acidity are two different things. Sourness is another thing here we explain about the acidity of coffee.

First, we tell you about the acidity measurements.

 Make your coffee less acidic

Acidity measuring scale (PH scale)


  • 7 PH is neutral. If the PH value is less than seven, it is considered acidic. Moreover the value more than 14 is deemed to be alkaline.
  • The range of coffee PH is 5, while for some light roast coffee beans, the PH range is 4.5

acids are not good, but not all coffee acids are bad for health. For example, coffee acids like phosphoric acids and malic acids are responsible for causing sweat taste in coffee. On the other hand, the ingredients like citric acids and acetic acid create the source taste in coffee, but they are not found in accessible quantities in the coffee. These all common and more acidic ingredients in coffee make the coffee a well-balanced drink. We can say that these all ingredients are the key elements of the best and soothing coffee cup.


Some of the coffees are working for weight loss. The coffee, which contains chlorogenic acid, is causing weight loss.  Moreover, you can overcome the bitterness of coffee if you use dark roasted coffee beans. Dark roasted is made after the lengthy procedure. The breaking down of the chlorogenic acid is done, so it becomes helpful for the stomach, especially for those who have stomach issues.

 Make your coffee less acidic

The other most common acid which causes bitterness in coffee is quinic acid. It's not lu creating bitterness in coffee, but it also causes digestive problems in some people. Overall we can say that before buying any bag of coffee, you must be aware of the chemistry, effects, pros, and cons of coffee beans or ingredients.


The acidity of coffee and health:


Most people are ordinary after drinking coffee, while some people experience discomfort, heartburn, and digestive problems after intake of coffee. What are the reasons behind these health issues? Some people thought that it happens due to the acidity feature of coffee. Here we see that activity is one factor, but it also occurs due to stomach acid stimulation due to coffee elements. Moreover, the other most significant reason is that caffeine people face heartburn, muscle and abdominal issues, and acid reflux while others remain regular. So if you already have the problem of heartburn, stomach issues, you must avoid coffee intake.

 Make your coffee less acidic

Tips for make your coffee less acidic:


Are you a coffee lover and searching for the procedure or tips for preparing the less acidic coffee, then? Don't worry. Here we explained to you the best advice for making your coffee less acidic.



The first and most significant thing is the selection of good coffee according to your health and needs. So always buy the low acidic coffee beans because they already have ingredients that reduce coffee's acidic effect. Instead of that, if you don't use quite acidic coffee, you need to add some ingredients in coffee to overcome the property of acidity. In our blog, we provide a detailed overview or reviews of low acidic coffee. So you can easily select the best low sour coffee brand from here.

 Make your coffee less acidic

  • Use of Arabic beans


If you want to drink less acidic coffee, then Arabic beans are the best option. What is the reason behind this? Yes, the concentration of acidity is less in  Arabic beans than that of other beans. So if you use Arabic beans, you can experience less acidity, but on things clear, you must use a good brand or high-quality coffee; otherwise, you don't get the desired taste and effects.


  • Pay attention to altitude and soil


Before buying coffee, you must know the background and grown places of coffee. Coffee grown on high altitudes tends to be more acidic than those coffee beans, which increase in the less acidic area. So must select or use that coffee that is growing in lower altitudes. Moreover, the second most crucial thing is the nature of the soil where the coffee is grown. The ground where the beans are growing is the best. All the details are mentioned in the coffee bag, so you must read this information. In case if the information is not mentioned; you can ask the seller or check on google.


  • Try different regions of coffees


The coffee taste varies from farm to farm because every farm has its general characteristics, which depend on soil, water, etc. If we look at the different places of coffee like Keynes, they produce more fruity and more acidic coffee while Brazil provides less acidic coffee. So before buying you must be aware about the factors which cause acidity in the coffee.


  • Roasting of beans is matter


The nature of the coffee beans is varied if you use roasted dark coffee. So if you are looking for less acidic coffee, then lightly roasted and medium roasted coffee beans are excellent. Moreover, if you don't like the light and medium roasted coffee, you can move to espresso and french roasted coffee beans. These two french and espresso are the best subtitles and solution of dark and medium roasted coffee beans.

 Make your coffee less acidic

  • Must examine your extraction


After selecting the right coffee beans, the next most significant thing is the brewing of the beans. Acidity is the most typical symptom of under-extracted coffee, and it mostly happens when the grinding size is too coarse and if your brew time is short. So what is the solution to this problem? The accurate grinding size and time of brewing are firmly dependent upon the brewing technique or procedure. Overall, we can say that you need to search for the right or perfect coffee-making approach, which is undoubtedly helping you retain the properties of coffee beans, as mentioned in the coffee bag.


  • Adding of milk


In addition to the above, the other most simple and effective method of reducing the acidity of coffee is adding milk or cream to the coffee. According to research, milk is working as a balancer in the sector of coffee acidity, and it helps balance the PH of the coffee. Here the question comes to mind: what kind of milk do we use to reduce the coffee's acidity? Yes, you can use all milk, but we strongly suggest soy milk is very practical or helpful in reducing coffee acidity.

 Make your coffee less acidic

Moreover, remember that if you use plant-based milk in your coffee, you must use dark roasted coffee beans. In addition to this, you can also use splash cream to control acidity. These all dairy products are suitable for controlling the bitterness and acidity of coffee.


  • Use of eggshells


Eggshells are alkaline; it means if you use eggshells in your coffee, it reduces the acidity in coffee. So we can say that it is a good substitute for acidity and taste balancer because it also reduces the bitter taste of the coffee.

 Make your coffee less acidic

  • Use of salt


The use of salt is another best tip for lowering the acidity in the coffee. What is the perfect time or step for adding salt to the coffee? Yes, you need to add salt to your ground before brewing. It's the best method of reducing acidity in coffee and gives you a sweetener taste in coffee. But here, we clear you don't add too much salt.


  • Brew it cold

 Make your coffee less acidic

The hotness and coldness of the coffee strongly affect the level of acidity of coffee beans. If you use coffee as a cold brew, then a group of acidity is reduced. In contrast to this, if you use hot coffee, then the level of acidity is high. So if you are a coffee lover and want to use less acidic coffee, use the coffee as cold brew instead of hot. The method of using cold brew is straightforward, and you can find it in our blog. In addition to acidity reduction, this coffee is also the best drink in hot summer by adding ice cubes.


FAQ: Make Your Coffee Less Acidic

  1. Why does coffee acidity matter? Coffee acidity refers to the bright, tangy, and sour flavors in coffee. While some people enjoy this characteristic, others find it too harsh on their stomachs or teeth. Lowering coffee acidity can make the beverage smoother and more palatable for those sensitive to acidic flavors.

  2. What causes coffee to be acidic? Coffee acidity is primarily influenced by the type of coffee beans and the roasting process. Beans from high-altitude regions and certain coffee varietals tend to be more acidic. Lighter roasts also preserve more acidity compared to darker roasts.

  3. How can I make my coffee less acidic? There are several methods to reduce coffee acidity:

    • Choose low-acid coffee beans: Look for coffee labeled as "low-acid" or beans from regions known for producing milder coffee.
    • Opt for dark roasts: Darker roasts typically have lower acidity compared to light roasts as the acidity breaks down during prolonged roasting.
    • Cold brewing: Cold brewing coffee reduces acidity by steeping the grounds in cold water for an extended period, resulting in a smoother, less acidic flavor.
    • Use additives: Adding a pinch of salt or a sprinkle of cinnamon can help neutralize acidity in your coffee.
  4. Are there specific coffee bean types that are naturally less acidic? Yes, certain coffee bean types tend to be naturally less acidic. For example, beans from Brazil, Sumatra, and India often have lower acidity compared to those from Ethiopia or Kenya. Additionally, Robusta beans generally have lower acidity than Arabica beans.

  5. What are the advantages of using low-acid coffee? Using low-acid coffee can be beneficial for individuals with sensitive stomachs, acid reflux, or dental sensitivity. It can also provide a smoother, milder flavor profile, allowing you to appreciate other nuances in the coffee taste.

  6. Can I mix low-acid and high-acid coffee beans? Yes, you can mix different coffee bean types to achieve a balance between acidity and flavor. Experiment with different ratios to find the combination that suits your taste preferences best.

  7. Does decaffeinated coffee have lower acidity? Decaffeinated coffee generally has slightly lower acidity than regular coffee, but the difference may not be significant. If acidity is a concern, choosing a low-acid decaffeinated coffee option might be helpful.

  8. How should I store low-acid coffee beans? Store low-acid coffee beans in an airtight container in a cool, dark place. Avoid exposure to moisture, air, and sunlight to maintain the freshness and flavor of the beans.

  9. Can I add milk or cream to reduce coffee acidity? Yes, adding milk or cream to your coffee can help neutralize acidity. Dairy products have alkaline properties that can counterbalance the acidity in the coffee, resulting in a smoother taste.

  10. Are there any health benefits to drinking low-acid coffee? While low-acid coffee may be gentler on the stomach and teeth, there are no specific health benefits directly linked to drinking it. As with any dietary choice, moderation is key for a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Remember, the perception of acidity in coffee is subjective, so feel free to experiment with various methods until you find the perfect cup that suits your taste buds and needs.

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