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Using Water Temperature to Manage Acidity

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Using Water Temperature to Manage Acidity

The temperature of the water utilized for preparing is another fundamental factor for making an exceptional mug of espresso. The more hot the water is, the more acidic the brew will be. That is the reason cold-fermented joe has not exactly a large portion of the acids that hot espresso contains.
The ideal brew temperature for both cold brew and drip coffee is 90°F. The reason for 90°F is that to add acid to cold-brew coffee, the water is usually boiled, or heated to at least 105°F. To add acid to drip coffee, brew the cold brew at 75°F, add it to the drip pot at 68°F, and keep it there.
Water Temperature for Making Cold Brew Coffee
To brew a cold brew coffee, boil cold water to 85°F or lower. Fill the filter with the coffee, add a few tablespoons of water, and put it on top of the drip pot or in a shallow bowl. Stovetop heat from a burner is sufficient. You want the water to be slightly warm. Once the water is added to the drip pan, leave it alone for 3 to 5 minutes.
The longer it sits, the drier the coffee becomes, and the stronger it will be. However, too much heat will burn the coffee and bring it down to a weaker consistency. So do not let the temperature rise above 90°F.
Cold brew is best when kept in the refrigerator overnight and reheated the next day. The longer the cold brew sits in the fridge, the more bitter it will be. To get the most out of your cold brew coffee, freeze it and refrigerate it after bottling. Then put it in the fridge again before reheating.
Make Your Cold Brew Coffee If You Cannot Decaffeinate
For those who cannot use their caffeine, cold brew can be a great way to make the best of cold brew and cold brew tea. Making cold brew tea is a great way to consume caffeine for the first time, while avoiding any potentially harmful effects from the alcohol. Cold brew tea is slightly lower in caffeine and alcohol than hot brewed tea.
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Both and cold brew tea contain caffeine, though cold brew coffee contains more than hot brewed tea. Both cold brew tea and cold brew coffee are more acidic than hot brewed tea. Cold brew coffee has less acid than hot brewed coffee, making the drink slightly less sour. Since cold brew tea has less acid than hot brewed tea, it will have more depth in taste and acidity .

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