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Make Your Coffee Less Acidic -A Helpful Guide to Low Acid Coffee

Make Your Coffee Less Acidic

If your morning cuppa is making your face sour, there are two possible reasons – either you’ve added spoiled milk to it, or your coffee is too acidic. To make sure your coffee isn’t cutting you to bits:
Use only fresh milk, not cream. This is because cream is fat, and adding fat makes your coffee creamier (good for you!) as opposed to a leaner brew.
Make it unsweetened by reducing the sugar and adding cinnamon to it.

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Of course, make sure you use the right kind of coffee, too. Dr. Almar says good, strong black coffee should be about 130mg of caffeine – or about 5 teaspoons of coffee for every cup you drink. If you want to add a little sweetness to your coffee, make sure it’s real sweet, not sweetened. That’s why brown and cold brew coffees are good to go – it’s the caffeine that knocks you on your bam.
Caffeine = More Energy
Yes, the magical coffee bean can give you more energy (for the day, at least!) – if it doesn’t make you feel as if you’re being stung by thousand-headed bees. But caffeine doesn’t just help you power through your day – it helps you make your life better as well. If you’re a gal or guy who takes your coffee to bed at night, you know all too well what I’m talking about. If you’re fighting to fall asleep and find yourself too wired, it’s possible caffeine is to blame. Caffeine boosts your mood, and may also boost your attention span, which is the key to how you go about making and improving life.
So if caffeine isn’t making you crazy at work or screwing up your sleep schedule, then why not drink it on the regular?
This post was inspired by a recent article I wrote on superfoods to help energize the mind and body.
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