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Differences in Roast, Grind and Beans,Acidity

Acidity is a primary coffee flavor sensation that is perceived as a pleasing sharpness toward the front of the mouth, a numbing sensation on the tip of the tongue, or a dryness at the back of the palate and/or under the edges of the tongue. It denotes or helps to describe the quality of a coffee.

Acidity is one of the major coffee characteristics along with body, aroma, sweetness, bitterness and aftertaste used by coffee professionals to describe the taste of a coffee. Acidity is a pleasant snap or crispness and is a desirable characteristic. It has nothing to do with the level of acid (the pH) of the coffee. 

Acidity is generally very noticeable and can be described as being sweet, crisp and/or tart. Somewhat like a dry wine. This enhances other qualities in the coffee. 

Other terms used to describe a coffee's acidity are dry, sharp, vibrant, lively, moderate, or dull. A coffee’s acidity may have a subtle fruity quality like citrus, lemon, or berry-like as well. As you drink our Verena Street coffees note the vibrant and pleasurable acidity of many of our blends and how it compliments and enhances the flavor experience.

Sample our most popular single origin coffees in 2oz packs. 6 packs total Brazil Santos Certification/Grading:NaturalRoast: MediumTasting Profile: Elegant, smooth cup with cocoa notes.Grower: Fazenda Santa Barbara, Sao Francisco, Santo AntonioVariety: Catuai and Mundo NovoRegion:Parana and Sao Paulo BrazilAltitude: 750-1050 MSoil Type: Volcanic LoamProcess: Pulped natural and dried in the Sun Colombia Certification/Grading:EPRoast: MediumTasting Profile: Dried orange, berry, chocolateGrower: Smallholder farmers from MedellinVariety: Castillo, Caturra, Colombia, & TypicaRegion: Medellin, Antioquia, ColombiaAltitude: 1300-1500 MSoil Type: Volcanic LoamProcess: Fully washed and dried in solar dryers to protect the coffee from rain. Costa Rica Certification/Grading: SHB/EPRoast: MediumTasting Profile: Sweet apple, raisin, honeyGrower: Micro farms in AlajuelaVariety: Caturra & CatuaiRegion: Alajuela, Costa RicaAltitude: 1300-1445 MSoil Type: Volcanic LoamProcess: Eco-pulped and dried in the sun. EthiopiaCertification/Grading: NaturalRoast: Med-lightTasting Profile: Milk chocolate, fruity, caramelGrower: Smallholder farmers from thee Sidama zone.Variety: Indigenous Heirloom CultivarsRegion: Sidama Zone, EthiopiaAltitude: 1700-1900 MSoil Type: NitisolsProcess: Full natural, sorted by hand. Dried on raised beds. Honduras Certification/Grading: SHG/EP/Org Roast: Medium-darkTasting Profile: Caramel, spice, brown sugar.Grower: 1500 grower/members from Cafe Organics MarcalaVariety: Bourbon, Catuai, Caturra, Lempira, & TypicaRegion: Marcala, La Paz, HondurasAltitude: 1300-1700 MSoil Type: Clay MineralsProcess: Fully washed and sun dried. Tanzania Certification/Grading: ABRoast: Medium-lightTasting Profile: Pear, floral, jasmine, strawberry.Grower: Small cooperative farmers in the Mbeya areaVariety: Bourbon & KentRegion: Mbeya Region of TanzaniaAltitude: 1200-1900 MSoil Type: Clay MineralsProcess: Fully washed and dried on raised beds

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